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    Electric Suction Cup Bracket for Smartphone in Car

1. Aluminum alloy +PC+ silica gel + circuit board + lithium battery

2. The electric driven vacuum suction cup adsorption mobile phone, built-in lithium battery, vacuum air pump and intelligent pressure monitoring management system are used to automatically identify the high and low pressure status. The air pump stops working when the pressure is greater than -60kpa and restarts working when the pressure is less than -30kpa.

3. Mobile phone shell with smooth surface, sand surface or shallow texture can be adsorbed. Smart phones above 4.7 inches are supported (breathable materials or rugged phone covers are not supported).

4. The shell adopts aviation aluminum alloy CNC process.

5.Charging port:type-c

6. Charging voltage: 5V-12V,

7. Built in battery: 90mah.

8. Color: black, silver, red

9. Product size: 6*6*8.5 (cm), weight: 82g

10.Carton size: 49.5*32*55 (cm), 12kg/carton, 100pcs/carton

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